Pillow War in Buenos Aires.

"Young people gather in front of the Planetarium year after year to welcome springtime with a pillow war, so they ca release tensions by playing arround with their friends like they did when they were children."

MadPals PicDump - Part 206

A Daily Dose of Funny PicDump

Heart Meltingly Adorable Animal Photography

Photographer Mark Taylor tests his patience by taking pictures of all sorts of very cute animals hanging out. From ducks and rabbits to dogs and cats, he manages to catch them being completely adorable, which isn’t too difficult.

It Happens Only In India

"Here are a few fun pictures of daily life across India. I am an Indian myself and this in no way is to demean or put down the Indian way of life.

Beautiful Animations

Photographer Jamie Beck and web designer Kevin Burg have created these gorgeous still photographs that seems to have come to life. Using still and video photography, and a great deal of patience when manually editing the images, they have created stunningly alive photos.

Learn New and Interesting Facts

A website called Learn Something Every Day was designed when two friends started posting funny facts every day. They gave the world new and less known facts about the people and the world around them.

What Happens in Malaysia...

The signboard is invisible? 

Fauja Singh’s Marathon Feat

TORONTO -- Centenarian marathoner Fauja Singh won't have a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records after all.

There, I Fixed It :: Part - 28

Some people like to apply homemade fixes and jury rig things because they are too lazy or don’t have the money.  These pictures focus on the sad white trash of the world that are proud repairmen.

Astonishing Slow Motion Water Balloon Explosion Pics

Photographer Alan Sailer captured the exact moment that these water balloons exploded and released all of their water. The water almost looks like it’s invisible as it makes really cool patterns.

Daily Gifdump

Huge Machinery Gone Wrong

Even though some trucks, cranes and tractors weigh several tons they are still prone to disastrous accidents. This collection of the craziest large machinery crashes makes for both destructive and dangerous situations, and really amazing photographs.

Funny Animals - Part - 102

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