Bizarre Photos Of Shrink-Wrapped Couples

Japanese artist Photographer Hal covers his models with a plastic sheeting that he vacuums the air from in order to distort their features and bond them together.

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15 Hilarious and Weird Tombstones

There is nothing funny about death, however, last wish must be granted. Some of the people who passed away desired a funny epigraph on their tomb-stone. It is clear that they had a sense of humor either on theirs or on somebody else’s account. Some might think of these signs to be just a bad joke. What is your opinion?

Best 15 City in world,

Awkward Family Photos

There are many bizarre families in the world, but thankfully some decide to take photos of their pure awkwardness and now we can all enjoy it. See what the latest awkward families are up to.

Best Photo Winter Storm Turns Lighthouse Into An Ice Castle

The Cleveland Harbour West Pierhead lighthouse is unrecognisable after heavy winds lifted massive waves over the lighthouse on Lake Erie in the state of Ohio. Some of the water froze on impact, eventually encasing the structure in a frosty shell. Matt Grabski from Clevelands's Great Lakes Science Centre told AOL news that what happened was unique.

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Clay City of Tangshan

A unique cultural park made entirely out of clay has recently been open to the public, in Tangshan City, China. Featuring rows of houses, busy streets filled with vendors and their carts, high ranking officials and horse-pulled carriages,

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Weird Balloon Dresses

Japanese Balloon Artist Daisy ( Rei Hosokai ) creates almost everything with balloons, from Dresses to accessories and even flowers – The site presently shows some amazing dresses fabricated with the long balloons you’d usually only see in the form of little animals, but Daisy elevates the art to design amazing clothing that could be called haute couture.

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Mother cat has adopted a baby squirrel

Tita, the caring mama, took the abandoned rodent under her paw when her owner found him injured and alone in a park. Things didn’t look good for this poor little red squirrel, but cat owner Ruben Gaviria of Medillin, Colombia found that her cat Tita began treating it as her own. The adopted squirrel even has a playmate in the form of Tita’s young kitten. Now the baby squirrel suckles from Tita alongside the baby cat and cuddles up to sleep next to the feline friends. The plucky red squirrel looks set for a happy, if different, start to life.

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