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MadPals PicDump - Part 272

A Daily Dose of Funny & Amazing PicDump

A Literal Waterfall Restaurant

The resort Villa Escudero is located in the Quezon province in the Philippines where visitors can dine at a unique waterfall restaurant. Sitting at the foot of the Labasin Falls, this eating establishment allows people to slip off their shoes and sit down at one of their many benches where their feet are bathed in cool water. You can even submerge yourself in the water if you want.

How True Friends Hang Out

If you need some ideas of how to spend quality time with your friends check out these fun examples.

Relax at a beautiful park!

Bicycle Designs

A collection of the most unusual and creative bicycles ever.

Yes, These People Were Born

While it might be hard to believe, these are actual humans roaming the Earth being their own special selves.

Rajan the Last Swimming Elephant

Elephants love water and hosing themselves down to keep cool, but it is very unusual to see an elephant swimming in the sea.They naturally do not like sea water but in the Andaman Islands, off the east coast of India, ten elephants were taught to swim so that they could carry logs between the islands. 

Not Trusting Girlfriend

Loud and Colorful Mandrill

Mandrill is the largest monkey species, but also the most endangered one. It is estimated that there are only about 3 000 of these animals left on Earth. Mandrill is about a meter high and weights up to 30 kg. Males are larger than females. They have highly developed fingers and toes. When they are walking, feet and other parts of the palms are not touching the ground, only their fingers are.

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