Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about the Computers and the Internet

While the computer technologies seem so ordinary and familiar there are still some facts about them which may surprise you.

MadPals PicDump - Part 329

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Angry Bird

Keep out – no one is allowed to row in the Grand Union Canal in Bugbrooke, United Kingdom, until it’s guarded by a swan nicknamed Tyson.

Moving To NYC: Expectations Vs Reality

Awesome Products You Will Want to Buy (61 pics)

These cool products were made by creative minds that intended on infusing our mundane days with flair. You can even purchase each of these items online.

Mistakes in the Original Titanic Movie

Titanic was actually a great movie. But I have no idea why someone would like to see its 3D re-release next week. Anyway, here are the worst mistakes in the original Titanic movie.

DIY Pen Rocket (6 pics)

Now here is a real rocket available for everyone. Be extremely careful though and use only strong enough ballpoint pen if you decide to follow this instruction.

If Super Mario Was Made Today

Probably, that’s what the cult video game would look like if it was made today. Fortunately, we’ve all played the normal version of it back in the times when games were much cooler.

Fabulous Pictures of Our Earth Taken by the Astronaut

Dutch astronaut and physician Andre Kuipers, who’s currently working at the International Space station, took these marvelous pictures with his SLR. Good photographic skills and perfect vantage point enabled the man to make the images so stunning that some of them seem absolutely unreal.

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