Creepy but Incredibly Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

Designed primarily as toys for mothers-to-be and kids clothes mannequins, reborn dolls are rapidly gaining popularity among collectors and women who are unable to have their own kids.

MadPals PicDump - Part 300 :-)

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Creative Offices for Lucky Workers

If everyone had work environments like in the following photos then very few people would be complaining about schlepping off to work.

Some People Out There Have the Weirdest Names

Seriously, WTF?

Skateboarding in New York in 1960

Public Signs: WTF?

Another set of ridiculous public signs.

Hopen Place in the Hollywood Hills

Amazing house. The Hopen Place was done by Whipple Russell Architects.

Pics Taken at the Right Moment.

Australian Giant Earthworm

Growing up to 3 or 4 meters (13 ft.) in length with the body about 3 cm (1.5 inch) thick these awesome giant earthworms may easily be confused with snakes.Giant Gippsland earthworms live only along the river banks and near the hills of Southwest Gippsland, Australia. Their average length is 1 meter, but the longest known specimen reached incredible length of 4 meters.

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