10 Interesting Facts about Dreams

Dreaming is a way of escaping reality and building a world of your own where you can control your wishes and desires. Some people remember their dreams after they wake up, other don’t. Those who remember their dreams tend to analyze them, looking for specific meaning. Sometimes dreams can help you. These are 10 interesting facts about dreams.

1. You forget 90% of your dream

When you wake up within 5 minutes half of your dream is gone. Within 10 minutes 90% of your dream is completely forgotten.

2. Blind People Also Have Dreams

Those people who have lost their vision in one point in their life still have as vivid dreams as when they could see. People blind from birth also have vivid dreams that include other senses: sounds, smells, touch and emotions.

3. Everybody Dreams

Everybody dreams. Some people think that they don’t dream because they forget their dreams but the fact is that they have them.

4. In Our Dreams We Only See Familiar Faces

In our dreams we only see faces we of people we know or have seen. It might have been only a face of a passerby we might not remember while we are awake. But our brain storages thousands of faces so we have an endless supply.

5. Not Everybody Dreams in Color

Only 12% of people dream in black and white, the rest have colorful dreams. Only 4.4% of dreams of people under 25 are in black and white.

6. Dreams are Symbolic

Dreams speak in a symbolic language. A symbol that your dream picks up is not usually the symbol by itself.

7. Emotions

Negative emotions in dreams are more often than positive ones. Anxiety is one of the most common emotions in dreams.

8. You Can Have Four to Seven Dreams in One Night

You can dream from one to two hours, every night.

9. Animals Dream Too

After many studies have been conducted a conclusion about animals having the same waves during sleeping as humans has been reached. That is animlas dream, too. You can clearly see it when watching a dog moving his paws as if it was running, while asleep.

10. Men and Women Dream Differently

Men tend to dream about other men while women’s dreams contain both men and women equally. And men have more aggressive emotions while dreaming the women.

Credit - Do-While.com
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