7 Weird and Innovative Vending Machines

Have you thought that the only things you could get from vending machines are candy and bottled water? Well in that case you were wrong. Today, manufacturers are trying to st an trend where you can buy almost anything from a vending machine. Pay attention because you won’t believe your eyes.

1. Bike Vending Machine

The First Bike Dispenser came out in 2005 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is actually a renting machine where the user has to return his bike after he has finished driving. These biked have built-in RFID tags that helps the bikes being tracked when you forget to take it back.

2. Flat Shoes Vending Machine

Sometimes high heels can really make your feet hurt. In those cases you really need a pair of flat shoes to rest your legs. This is the perfect and quick solution for the big night out.

3. Wedding Vending Machine

This machine is for all those like to get caught up in the moment. For only $1 you will get rings and a marriage certificate and all that from a cute machine that will play a song all the way to the altar.

4. Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

People suffering from chronic pain and loss of appetite say they benefit from this machine. A quick and anonymous way to get relieve of your pain.

5. Sex Toy Vending Machine

This unusual vending machine can be found in Gyeongju Love Motel.

6. Crab Vending Machine

This odd vending machine enabled the customer to enjoy sea food on the go. This one is located in the Xinjiekou subway station, in Nanjing, China. Yummy.

7. Gold Vending Machine

In case you are short with cash, you might take out some gold. The first “Gold To Go” vending machine was installed earlier this year at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
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