Exotic Meals at McDonald’s Around the World

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains in the world. It serves about 64 million customers in over 31,000 chains in 119 countries every day. Due to the local tastes of its visitors, McDonald’s has to have different exotic meals on its menu. These are some of the examples of such menu items.

McBeer – Germany

McDonald’s Tamago Double Mac – Japan

McTurco Kebab – Turkey

Chicken Maharaja Mac – India

McDonald’s McLobster – Canada

McDonald’s McFalafel – Israel

McDonald’s McArabia – Egypt

McDonald’s Bulgogi Burger – South Korea

McDonald’s McKroket – Netherlands

McDonald’s McCurry Pan – India

McDonald’s McSausage Burger – Germany

McDonald’s Kiwiburger – New Zealand

McDonald’s McSamurai Pork Burger – Thailand

McDonald’s Gazpacho Soup – Spain

McDonald’s McPinto – Costa Rica

McDonald’s McHothot Mega Breakfast Sausage – Japan

McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast with Spam – Hawaii

McDonald’s CroqueMcDo – Belgium & France

McDonald’s McWine – Argentina

McDonadl’s McMollet – Mexico

McDonald’s Poutine – Canada

McDonald’s McKebab – Israel

McDonald’s McPork – Japan

McDonald’s Paneer Salsa Wrap – India

McDonald’s Bacon-Potato Pie – Japan

McDonald’s McSpicy Paneer – India

McDonadl’s Mega Teriyaki – Japan

McDonald’s Rosti Brekki Wrap – New Zealand & Australia

McDonald’s Mincemeat & Custard Pie – United Kingdom

Credits: twistedsifter.com
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