Good Morning Sunshine

Beep beep beep! No more! Snooze! 5 more minutes. And again. And again, and we are late for school or job. Each one of us have a morning ritual and a way to avoid getting up immediately, but I believe that everybody will find here an friend to help them deal whit getting out of bed.

1. Are you serious?

Everyone loves to sleep “just 15 more minutes” by pressing the “Snooze” button on their mobile phone. If you press that button on this alarm clock, it will connect you to the internet over WiFi, take money from your online account and donate it to various nonprofit organizations. Configures easily and very quickly becomes the worst enemy of your sleep.

2. Hide and seek

This nice gadget will quickly become your worst enemy and once you tell him (of course, by pressing the button) you want to sleep 5 more minutes, it will be understood as if you told him that you want to play hide and seek. Then it will start moving around to find a hidden place to make you get out of a bed, find it, and turn it off. When you do that, you will probably no longer be able to sleep.

3. The Bomb

If you have relatives, roommates or friend that are sleepyheads, buy the bomb alarm clock and the mission will be completed. Simply pull out the circuit and with the “Fire in the hole” throw a bomb in the bedroom. After ten seconds incredibly irritating sound will start to spread around the room and your “victim” will not know where it is. The only way to deactivate this “bomb” is to return the circuit.

4. Flying alarm clock

Once it’s activated, the alarm will start to fly around the room, and your task will be to catch it and turn off. Good luck!

5. Puzzle

This is an alarm clock that will wake you up at a set time by throwing puzzle pieces into the air, after that beeping starts. To turn it off, you have to find these parts and return them to their place. After that, you probably wont be able to sleep anymore.

6. Hanging alarm

You sleep, and it starts to beeps above your head. Raise your hand and press the magic button that gives you a few more minutes. You will probably be happy when you get back to bed but after a couple of minutes irritating sound will start again. Nightmare begins… You will have to stretch even more to catch the magic button. After a few tries you realize that you jump on the bed to retrieve a magic button… This hanging clock, of course, refers victory.

7. For those who really hate alarms

If every morning you want to throw an alarm clock that wakes you up so mercilessly just buy this watch-ball. If you want to vent all your rage against all alarm clocks now is the time. Throw it as hard as you can against the wall, because, that is the only way to turn it off.

8. On your feet!

No more sleeping and wasting time! A new day of work! The alarm rings, and the only way to silence it is to step on it… Just do not get back back to bed…

9. Wake up and save money

Once it starts to ring, it will not only wake you up, it will force you to save a little. The only way to turn it off the beeps is to give him a coin. One day you gonna love it for sure.

10. Silent alarm

We believe this is the best way to wake up. If, like most people, do not submit buzzing, hissing and other sounds that emit alarm, try this one. It works by making you wear a bracelet that at the time of wake-up begins to make vibrations that you will gently be derived from a dream. If you want a sleep little bit more, you will have to shake hands. Each visit will require more movement to extend the time naps.

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