Your Christmas Wish List Dreams

This is a list of Christmas gifts you most likely didn’t get this year. Do you feel you are let down by the ones you love?

Adult-Sized Big-Wheel

A 26-Pound Gummy Bear

Dining Room Poker Table

Human Slinky Costume

DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

Construction Cutlery

Ketchup Fountain

Grappling Hook

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Donut Maker

Aquarium Coffee Table

Mustache Mirror

Bacon Wallet

Pac-man Christmas Tree

Pierogi Ornament

Banana Phone

A Pillow That's Always Cool

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Ice Tray

Disapproving Glasses

Armadillo Beer Holder

A Four Foot Stuffed Giraffe

Pocket Chainsaw

In-Ground Zombie Statue

Inflatable Water Ball

The Tri-Wizard Cup

Bubble Wrap Calendar

Raptor Hoodie

The Magic Wand Remote Control

Protein Ketchup

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