Here are lots of stats about moving cattle.....that I am sure you do not want to know.
However you now know about road trains !
Only  in  Australia  will you see  this

Road  Trains

This  is a recent  email sent regarding the cattle trains at Helen Springs  Station

There  are interesting statistics.   

There  are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per  trailer;

Therefore  there are 102 decks of cattle and there would be  approximately

28  cattle per deck; This totals 2,856 head of  cattle

The  cattle will weigh approximately 500kg each (1102.3  lbs.)

The  sale price for cattle at Longreach is approx. 165c/kg  (75c/lb.)

Each  animal will therefore be sold at  $825.

Total  revenue from this analysis is  $2,356,200

Another  interesting  fact:

Each  trailer has 24 tyres plus a dolly with 8  tyres

For  the 72 trucks there are 4,464 tyres on the  road

Road  trains loading cattle at Helen Springs Station, north  of  Tennant Creek   NT  .

Now  that's a Road  Train!!

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