People Around The World Watching The Transit Of Venus

It won't happen for another 105 years, so people everywhere got excited for a little black dot travelling across the sun. Here's 30 photos of people across the globe observing the event.

1. Lahore, Pakistan

2. Lahore, Pakistan

3. Guwahati, India

4. Guwahati, India

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

6. Ahmedabad, India

7. Qatif, Saudi Arabia

8. Amman, Jordan

9. Amman, Jordan

10. Varanasi, India

11. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

12. Moscow, Russia

13. Los Angeles, California

14. Sydney, Australia

15. Seoul, South Korea

16. Hong Kong, China

17. College Park, Maryland

18. Medellin, Colombia

19. Anchorage, Alaska

20. New York City, United States

21. Mexico City, Mexico

22. Honolulu, Hawaii

23. Hudson, Wisconsin

27. Bangkok, Thailand

28. Manila, Philippines

29. Beirut, Lebanon

30. Mumbai, India: dejected viewers hoping for a break in the clouds

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