When Humans Do Good

Check out these images of people doing good deeds and generally making a case for humanity.

An interaction between a Guatemalan girl and a tourist she just met

Chicago Christians showed up at a gay pride parade to apologize for homophobia in the Church

... and the reaction from the parade

Japanese senior citizens volunteered to tackle the nuclear crisis at Fukushima power station so that young people wouldn't have to subject themselves to radiation

Two Norwegian guys rescuing a sheep from the ocean

Awesome bookshop

A poll about what Snooki should name her child

An athlete from Ohio stopped to help an injured competitor across the finish line during a track meet

An exchange between a 3-year-old girl and a shopping center

A note that was handed to a waiter along with a $20 bill by an elderly lady in his restaurant

A sign at an awesome Subway restaurant

A villager carrying stranded kittens to dry land during floods in Cuttack City, India'

A sign at an awesome drycleaner's

A man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro

A firefighter administering Oxygen to a cat rescued from a house fire

And this one

A letter from a neighbor

Two children collaborating to rescue a dog who had fallen into a ravine

A note on a young family's check

An exchange between a protester and a soldier during a protest in Brazil

A man jumped into rough waters to rescue a stranger's Shih Tzu in Melbourne

Two best friends on a swing

Credits: www.buzzfeed.com
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