Funny Animals That Are Hungry for Knowledge

Here are some of the most educated guys in the animal kingdom. They are excited about going back to school.

The cat who always reads the business pages

The dog who's had his schoolbag packed for a month

The cat who genuinely enjoys calculus

The cat who never wastes time on the internet when there's studying to be done

The cat who spent his vacation at computer camp

And then this guy, who's so clever he's been tutoring statues all summer

 The dog who's completed the optional reading list

The cat who does sudoku on the school bus

The cat who knows the librarians by name

The cat who asks questions in lectures

The cat who reads british newspapers to stay up-to-date on world affairs

The rabbit who wore school uniform during the vacation

The cat who's writing a letter to her foreign penpal

The cat who stayed up all night colour co-ordinating her folders

The dog who has a job waiting for him at harvard

The cat who spent all her allowance on stationery

The kitten who doesn't rely on wikipedia for everythinga

The sloth who just aced his final exam in midday napping

The kitten who regularly enters chess tournaments

The turtle who's busy perfecting his powerpoint skills

The puppy who's reading at three times her age-level

The cat who reads at night under the covers with a flashlight

The dog who actually did extra reading for french class

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