Most Hilarious Public Pranks

If you want to pull a prank on somebody, do it in public so everyone can laugh. These funny pranks were recorded so that everyone who sees them can have a laugh. See just how funny and creative some people were.

 Foamy Fountain

If you love hot weather and foam parties, make one yourself. It might be illegal, but that’s the rush.

 Picnic Pyramid

A bunch of pranksters from Spokane, Washington built one of these pyramids from picnic table. It took a bucket truck and $500 to tear down this crazy structure.

 A Surprise Date

This was a nice prank where comedy troupe Improv Everywhere surprised a random couple on a park bench in New York City. They served the couple a lovely meal while a string quartet was playing in the background.

 It’s on You Pitbull

The rap star Pitbull as a part of a project called “energystrips.” promised his fans that he would go to any Walmart in the U.S. that gets the most “likes” on Facebook. He ended up going to Alaska. Maybe this will inspire you to a prank your friends.

 Gas Prank

This is a nice way to laugh at the prices.

 Graduation Surprise

Sometimes the Graduation day is something not everyone is looking forward to.

 This is Assville

If you haven’t been to Assville make sure to do so.

 The Flashing Santa

This is one funny Santa.
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