Early Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Famous Computer Companies

Pictures by Douglas Menuez, an award-winning photojournalist who was capturing the Digital Revolution of 1985—2000 and the rise of major IT industry giants.

NeXT Factory, Board of Directors Luncheon, Fremont, California, 1986

Steve Jobs
NeXT Employee Picnic, Santa Cruz, California,1987

Redwood City, California, 1988

Bill Gates
Agenda '92, Laguna Niguel, California, 1992

NeXT Computer, Palo Alto, California, 1985

Susan Kare
NeXT Computer, Inc., Napa Valley, 1987

NeXT offsite employee meeting, Santa Cruz, California, 1987

NeXT Computer, Inc. Offsite Meeting, Palo Alto, 1987

Sun Microsystems, 1992

John Sculley
Fremont, California, 1990

Apple employee with her baby, Apple, 1993

LAM Computer, 1990

Chuck Geshke & John Warnock
Adobe Founders, Mountain View, 1988

Dog & Meeting, Autodesk, San Rafael, California, 1995

Apple Newton Demo, Las Vegas, 1992

Apple Newton Demo, Germany, 1993

Apple Computer, home of Steve Capps, San Carlos, California, 1992

President Clinton visits Silicon Valley, 1995

Adobe Holiday Party, Mountain View, California, 1988

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