Must-have Gimmicky Gadgets on Pinterest

Pinterest has become the premier site to use when searching for the hottest, new items online. The technology section has all the latest and greatest inventions around. Here are a few of the best!

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

Bookshelf Chair

Hug Me Jacket

Thumb Thing


Otherwise known as a broken umbrella.

Thumb Drive

Dog Treadmill

iPad Arcade

Dog High Chair

Under-the-sheets Fan

Shark pillow/suffocator

Oreo Dipper

Waffsicle Maker

Plastic Bag Holder?

Body Sleeping Bag

Coffee Holder Umbrella

Hand-Phone Case Thing

Hairdryer Gun

USB Toast

USB Toaster

Darth Vader iPhone Charger

Dog Poop Vacuum

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