Awesome and Funny Old People

You won’t have to walk anywhere, ever:

You’ll be rocking that sweet Medicare, so you’ll be fit as a fiddle:

You’ll have plenty of time to relive your childhood:

Or pursue new hobbies, like this:

You’ll be able to complain about this sign:

You can wear whatever you want and people will still think you’re “adorable”:

Work won’t get in the way of playing with your friends all day:

Any picture you take will instantly be 300% more awesome:

You’ll finally have time to start your career as a superhero:

Or at the very least, become a neighborhood security guard:

You’ll get to be the kid and your kids will have to be the adults:

You’ll finally reach the fourth stage of life:

You can put that new hip to good use:

You’ll be able to sit wherever you damn well please:

Your birthday cake will keep you warm at night:

No one suspects the little old lady:

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