Cool Things You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before

Cool Things You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before
The globe icon on Facebook is turned to the other side of the planet in Hong Kong:

Every country that borders Austria is south of Austria:

The flag of Guam is what it looks like to be born in Guam:

Fingers that can't bend don't have creases:

Traffic lights are bigger than they look:

Apple products are just Braun products from the '50s:

Takeout containers unfold into plates:

Because of rights issues, the music video for Around the World is not available outside the U.S.:

Modern grocery store baskets are shaped and weighted to avoid bumping your legs:

The dot on the "i" in the Pringles logo is a Pringle:

This is what a 2-liter bottle looks like before it's expanded and shaped:

The white part in the Pepsi logo changes based on the kind of Pepsi:

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